[P6] Problem Sum No. 8: Muffins in Boxes

Ali sold muffins in boxes of threes and fours. At first he had 5 times as many small boxes as big boxes. After selling 2/5 of the small boxes and some big boxes, he packed another 12 more big boxes. As a result the number of unsold small boxes became twice the number of unsold big boxes. If the total of unsold muffins was 150 how many big boxes did he sell?

  • Asked by wife’s colleague, Lilian
  • Date: 18 Mar 2017
  • Source: Posted via WhatsApp

Yesterday evening, I received a problem sum from my wife via WhatsApp.

Her colleague, Lilian, had send her a math question, as shown in the screenshot from my Samsung phone. Apparently, Lilian’s son hasn’t yet been able to solve his P6 Maths problem, so mummy reached out for help.

WhatsApp screenshot of muffins in boxes problem sum

Naturally, my wife would refer such problem sums to me 🙂

Now, since I was intrigued by the question and have worked out the answer, I’m posting it on our site to share. I thought of three ways to solve this muffin in boxes problem sum, plus a variation.

Word problem sums that (seem to) go on and on (and are likely to keep students disinterested!) can be sneaky at times.

This one involves both boxes and its contents — muffins — in the question. The student has to be alert to avert being misled!

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