[P6] Problem Sum No. 7: Simon’s and Peter’s Cards

Simon and Peter had a total of 900 cards. Simon gave 1/5 of his cards to Peter. Peter then gave 1/4 of his cards to Simon. In the end, each of them had the same number of cards. How many cards did Simon have at first?

  • Asked by Dave Tan KX (of North Vista Primary School)
  • Date: 25 Feb 2016
  • Source: Nan Hua Primary, P6, CA1 2014

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My thanks to you, Dave; and here’s the answer to your problem sum…

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Dave’s problem is the classic type which immediately invokes the thought of using algebra to solve it. I’m not against doing this — in this case, simultaneous equations are involved.

However, let me show you the beauty and simplicity of drawing models. And in doing so give truer meaning to “a picture paints a thousand words” 🙂

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