[Intl] Problem Sum No. 6: Glenda’s Money

Glenda had a sum of money. She gave 2/7 of her money and another $105 to her parents. Then she gave 4/9 of the remaining money to her brother. She had 1/3 of her original amount of money left. How much did she have at first?

  • Asked by Mark (Email: mmar?????@yahoo.com)
  • Date: 24 Sep 2015
  • Source: Posted via No Problem Sums contact form
Screenshot of visitor's Math question

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a problem sum submitted via our contact form.

Our website visitor, Mark (Email: mmar?????@yahoo.com) sent the question as shown in the screen grab of my mobile phone. Thank you, Mark!

This problem sum looked a little tricky with that “another $105 to her parents” part. Of course, without this known amount, it would not be possible to answer the question.

Again, going the algebra route looks very tempting. But let’s see how we can work it out with just models…

Word problem sums can be confusing if the student doesn’t read the statements carefully.

In this case, it may appear that Glenda had “extra” money to give her parents. Read again and you’d see that isn’t so.

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