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Here is where you can share your ideas; provide suggestions and feedback; and ask for help on those nasty Math questions. Details below…

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No Problem Sums is on Facebook:
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Looking at partnering with No Problem Sums?

If you are a business with a good strategic fit in the Primary School Maths education space, send your proposal to opps [at] noproblemsums [dot] com.

Have Math Questions You Can’t Solve?

If you would like to send Maths questions to No Problem Sums, use the contact form below to send me an Email. For attribution purposes, I request that you provide the following information at the beginning of your message:

  • Name of person asking the Maths question (either parent’s or child’s), if different from Email sender
  • Name of school, or source of the question
  • Academic level: Primary 1 to 6

In case you have scanned copies of questions in PDF format, Email them as attachments to help [at] noproblemsums [dot] com. Include the same details mentioned above as well in your Email message.

Like to Provide Suggestions or Feedback?

No Problem Sums welcome your suggestions and feedback about our website. Fill in the contact form below to send them in.

Help me improve the user experience at It is far too easy to overlook things when you are mostly on one side of the equation. So, tell me how well this website is serving you, what isn’t performing to expectations and how it can be made more helpful to you. Much appreciated.

How Your Personal Info Will Be Used

First of all, your Email address will never be revealed, shared or sold. It will however be added to a private list, so that you can be informed whenever I update this website with new problem sums and their solutions. This is also the way you’d know that your Maths questions have been answered.

For questions submitted by parents or students, the answer sheets will contain the following attributions. This is done to acknowledge their contributions and to facilitate easy search on No Problem Sums, such as looking for questions from a particular school or for a certain academic level.

  • Your name; could either be parent’s or student’s
  • Name of school (or source) where the question was taken from
  • Academic level of the question asked
  • Date the question was asked

Solve the simple Maths sum asked by Captcha, by entering your answer into the corresponding box. Complete this step before clicking the SUBMIT button to send your Email.

Captcha helps to weed out spam Emails by requiring a human to provide answers to its varying questions.

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