Hi there.

Welcome to No Problem Sums, a website dedicated to parents, mostly, and their kids, of course 😉

I’m Mark Heng, webmaster and owner of www.NoProblemSums.com.

I created this website from scratch and am excited to present it to all of you. It is my humble wish to serve students and their parents alike, in alleviating some of the headaches (and heartaches) they might encounter with learning.

This website is my give-back project, an effort to actively contribute to society, albeit a small one comparatively. I have identified Primary School Maths as an area that requires attention and where I can add value.

Why A How-To Maths Website?

Some ten years or so ago, the way Maths was taught in primary schools was revamped, in a rather big way it seemed. Those were the early days of solving Maths sums using models; and then some.

As a parent myself, I had to learn about models and help my older son with this new way of doing things. I had fun learning it, but can’t really say the same for other parents. In fact, I have seen and heard more than a fair share of parents struggling with the concept of models.

This novelty approach tested both visual and comprehension skills of students in solving Maths problems. While creative, it somewhat punished students who weren’t good at English. And teachers were also new to this manner of problem solving, so teaching methods and levels of understanding varied.

Not surprisingly, many parents then were stressed as they sought ways to help their children cope. Fast forward 10 years, the situation doesn’t seem to have eased. Though help is more readily available now — tuition, self-help books, even iPad apps for Maths tests and quizzes, etc. — are parents less stressed?

How I Plan to Help

With No Problem Sums, it is my hope that the difficulty in answering today’s Maths problems can be lowered. I endeavour to provide step-by-step guidance on how to tackle each problem sum; with this, I believe understanding is apt to go up. And so is confidence in applying learned methods to get the right answers.

Each fortnight, I plan to answer a couple of Maths questions covering Primary 1 to 6 topics. I will source some of these questions myself and look forward to getting others from both parents and students. Depending on the type of sums and also available time, I will upload new material appropriately.

While I can’t claim to know all Maths topics, even though we are discussing primary school material, I will do my utmost to learn the new stuff and help to demystify those tricky questions. To me, that is a source of motivation and a commitment to keep quality high.

How You Can Help Too

Parents and kids, if you are stumped by certain school Maths questions or have come across those you feel represent the difficulty students are facing, send these questions my way. This will help build a library of varied problem sums and solutions which everyone can utilize.

If you got an “a-ha” moment while going through any No Problem Sums worked example, please leave a comment on this website or post on our Facebook page to encourage others. If you find that your child’s Maths grade is improving, let me know I’m doing something right.

This website is not intended to replace tuition, if you deem that your child requires it. However, if it somehow helps you cut down on tuition fees and save, let everyone know how and why this site may help them too.

Click Hereto send me your difficult Maths questions, suggestions and feedback.

My sincerest thanks to all of you for your inputs, in advance.

Problem Sums, No More!

Say NO to problem sums! Equip yourself with better understanding of how to solve (your kid’s) Maths problems. And with your help, we can develop this website into a comprehensive online resource that is useful to all.

As I embark on this meaningful pursuit and adventure in giving back, I’ve set my goal as this: Get your child’s Maths problems answered at www.NoProblemSums.com. The wheels have been set in motion — wish me success.

Once again, welcome on board No Problem Sums 🙂

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